Who is Jason Rashaad?

Young Jason Rashaad
I was young once.

Perhaps you clicked a link on a social profile or maybe you’re writing a character assassination piece. Either way, welcome! Who is Jason Rashaad, you ask?

I am a native of Detroit, Michigan, a proud graduate of Martin Luther King, Jr., Senior High School and Wayne State University. After a layoff in 2008, I spent time in Washington, DC and Seattle, Washington before returning home in 2016.

I am an experienced technical project manager who has worked a variety of markets including education and integrated marketing/advertising in Michigan, consulting for the intelligence community in DC, and e-commerce in Seattle. My technical background and industry experience has taught me a lot about approaching projects from a holistic technology-agnostic perspective and avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach to project management.

I am a product of my community, my successes and my failures, and am passionate about sharing my talents and what I have learned with those who are walking similar paths. I enjoy reading (often the same books over and over again), public speaking, cooking (Gordon Ramsay is my hero and life coach), and doing what I can when I can to make positive change that will outlive my time here on this planet.

Feel free to poke around the blog section if you’re interested in a bit more insight into who I am, who I’ve been, and who I hope to become. Thanks for stopping by.

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