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Hello and Welcome visitors from the Social Sun!!

When I was in the fifth grade, my entire class lined up in the hall to walk to the auditorium for a graduation ceremony.  We had almost reached the door when my teacher pulled me to the side and said “You’re giving the graduation speech.”  That sudden thrust into the spotlight is quite similar to how I feel now as a Featured Local on the new Baltimore Sun Social Sun site.  So, um…hi everyone!

The new Baltimore Sun social media directory
The new Baltimore Sun social media directory

I’ll try to spend the week being as interesting as possible.  I’ll also spruce the place up a bit, starting with my hastily thrown together Twitter background (Hey, I’m not a graphics guy.  Don’t judge me!)  By way of introduction I’m a recent import into the city of Baltimore, having moved here to work at a federal consulting firm located near Ft. Meade.  When locals recommended that I move to Columbia or Laurel to be closer to the office I chose instead to move to Baltimore.  I didn’t know anything about Baltimore (OK, outside of The Wire) but I did know that it was similar to my hometown in a lot of different ways.  Even in just five months I’m appreciating the character of the city and looking forward to being a positive part of it.

So that’s about all…again, welcome, and I’ll try to do at least one of these a day.  Thanks for visiting!