The Blog…Rebooted

I’ve maintained a blog in various forms since right around 1996 when I had a modest personal site on the University of Michigan College of Engineering web servers.  At the time the intertubes were still geeks-only, Netscape gray was still the standard, and animated GIFs and blink tags were quite the novel idea.  A solid thirteen years and several platforms later, here we are.  Personally I’m entering a new phase of my life, so I figure why not reflect that on my personal site, a site that is no longer a novelty but a standard in an era where web presence and online branding is everything, and “you are who you know” has become the standard with the prevalance of social networking.  I may not be a member of an elite geek club anymore, but I like to believe that I have a unique perspective and can still bring something to the table.

The most recent revision of this site saw me in a bit of a transition phase, where I wasn’t quite sure exactly what the audience of this particular web space would be.  I did know that it was time to move away from the frank and often vulgar honesty that used to occupy this site, particularly given the Google happy world that we’re living in.  Said transitionary period reflected one I was going through personally, that I am proud and blessed to report that I am now past.

So dear readers, sit back, relax, and get ready to read a gaggle of posts written from the perspective of a 30 year old Black native Detroiter recently relocated to Baltimore.  Topics will include but aren’t limited to my beloved hometown, my profession, my passion for politics at every level from local to global, my nascent start-up company, and of course, just random thoughts that might wander through my mind.  If nothing else I’ll try to entertain with my trademark blend of sarcasm and insight.  And I’ll make a serious effort to keep the cursing to Facebook, though I don’t know how long that’ll last.  Maybe I’ll pull a Livejournal and lock posts where I really want to vent my spleen.  We shall see.

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